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The Design Features Of Fine Atomizing Nozzle Are Complete
Apr 27, 2018

Fine spray nozzle design features make it can spray out only a very slight atomized particles, can achieve the result of the mist, is widely used in various fields, the most used in the industries of humidification and landscape make fog, brought great convenience to our lives.

A fine atomizing nozzle is a device that can atomize the liquid and even suspend it in the air. Fine atomization nozzle working principle is through the internal pressure, the internal liquid extrusion into fine spray nozzle, fine spray nozzle design characteristics is placed inside a piece of iron, high-speed flow of liquid impact on iron, rebound after 15 to 60 microns in diameter atomized particles, and through the fine atomization nozzle exit.

The design feature of fine atomizing nozzle is that it is more precise than other atomizing nozzles. Fine spray nozzle design features can produce fine atomization effect and spray Angle are roughly 45 ° to 90 °, atomized particle size of around 10 ~ 50 um, its working principle and atomization nozzle almost commonly, forming a centrifugal vortex in the guide vane, spewing from the nozzle are tiny hollow type fog particles.

The fine atomizing nozzle design features a fine mist nozzle, which is mainly used for humidification, cooling and artificial fog. It is very effective in the field of artificial fog, and the high pressure micro fog system with long original is very suitable for the humidification, air improvement and artificial fog use in public places such as large square and rockery landscape. The artificial fog is blowing in the wind, blending with the natural environment to make the scenic spots more enjoyable and interesting.

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