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The Function Of The Nozzle System
Jun 03, 2018

The  main nozzle system is the water nozzle assembly abrasive water nozzle,  in order to meet the fine cutting request, the nozzle should have  excellent jet characteristics and a longer service life, the water  nozzle is the performance component of the high pressure water jet  attack device, the effect of the water nozzle Through  the shortening of the cross-section of the nozzle bore, the pressure  energy of the high-pressure water is collected and converted into  kinetic energy. Finally, the material is sprayed outwards by  high-pressure water jets to cut the material. High-pressure  water jet nozzles can be divided into conical convergent nozzles,  conical taper cylinder-shaped nozzles, streamlined nozzles, etc.  according to the shape of the cross-section of the nozzle. We will only  introduce conical-zone cylindrical outlet-shaped nozzles here.
    The nozzle is usually made of sapphire and its shape is simple and simple. Cone-shaped  cylindrical outlet nozzle can improve its flow coefficient, which is  the most commonly used continuous water jet nozzle. The quality of the nozzle has a certain influence on the quality and power of the water jet. Thus the water jet nozzle should meet the following request:
1) Ensure that the jet has the proper function;
2) The denseness of the jet is better to ensure that the jet has a longer range;
3) Long service life;
4) Dismantling protection facilities;
5) The cost is low.
    The  nozzle used for abrasive water jets, because of the effect of high  pressure water and abrasives, the data required to select the nozzle  should have certain mechanical strength, wear resistance, corrosion  resistance, and technical properties. Because  the nozzle is a consumable part, it is also necessary to think about  its cost, usually using tungsten carbide, synthetic diamond and other  data.
    Tungsten carbide has high hardness (93hrc), high compressive strength (6000mpa) and excellent wear resistance.
    Tungsten carbide abrasive water jet nozzles can be formed by either hydrostatic or steel mold restrictions. Tungsten carbide has poor tensile strength and impact toughness. Therefore,  in the manufacture of high-pressure nozzles, it is necessary to  consider the nozzle structure to improve the strength of the nozzle. The  most useful method now is to apply a pre-pressure to the cemented  carbide, that is, to insert a sleeve outside the cemented carbide nozzle  body to improve the tensile strength and prevent cracking during use. When fitting, the interference cooperation should be selected to ensure that the nozzle body has a satisfactory prestress.
    Abrasive water jet nozzles have long puzzled China's water jet community. To date, the planning and service life of cut abrasive jet nozzles have not yet reached the level of satisfaction. However,  the theory of liquid-solid two-phase jet-abrasive jet is lacking. The  mechanism of mixing abrasive and water needs to be further studied. All this has to be done by the Chinese engineering and technical personnel to further develop the research work in this area.

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