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The Principle Of Cooling Air Atomization Nozzle Is Introduced
Mar 19, 2018

The principle of cooling air atomization nozzle is introduced.

The cooling air atomization nozzle is widely used in the fields such as greenhouse cooling, evaporative gas cooling, flue gas cooling, outdoor cooling, cooling of bus station and so on.

1. There are three types of spray patterns: circular spray pattern, fan spray pattern and 360-degree ring spray pattern. The two-fluid air atomizer has two holes, one is a liquid jet and the other is a gas jet.

2. The nozzle has two independent entrances: liquid inlet and gas inlet. It also allows the liquid and gas to be mixed together to achieve the spray effect.

3. The cooling air atomizing nozzle can use the two modes of compressed air and compressed liquid to rub, producing a very uniform atomization effect. The spray has a particle size of 50 microns.

4. The cooling air atomizing nozzle can be adjusted by using the needle valve to change the flow rate of the injection. And the sprinkler head of this series is made of air cap and gas cap.

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