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The Principle Of Fan Adjustable Nozzle
Apr 13, 2018

The fan-shaped adjustable nozzle is the deflector of the cylindrical flow impact nozzle, which produces deflection and forms the fan-shaped jet flow, thus resulting in a large jet impact and neat edges. It can produce a wide Angle fan spray shape with medium momentum. The spray mist is evenly distributed and the droplets are of medium size. The CC sector nozzle has a circular jet hole, and its large and smooth runner can reduce the blocking phenomenon to a minimum.

Fan adjustable nozzle can produce a high impact is the feature of the narrow Angle of fan-shaped spray shape, spewing uniform liquid distribution, droplet size medium, narrow Angle nozzle spray shape have clearly defined edges. Such nozzles are integral designs with external pipe threads. Large and unimpeded flows minimize obstruction. The process of fine processing provides a uniform, high-impact spray shape. Fog particles small and very wide uniform can produce Angle, moderate the impact of the fan is adjustable nozzle with a circular nozzle, big and smooth flow channel, to reduce the blocking phenomenon in low water direction and the direction of water into a 75 - degree deflection "edge effect" of the nozzle is very weak, the shape of the spray is very even the nozzle is suitable for soft rinse, not suitable for strong flush.

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