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The Selection Technique Of Atomizing Nozzle
Apr 07, 2018

We know that it is important to choose a spray nozzle, but what are the selection techniques for atomizing nozzles? For most consumers, atomizing nozzles are a relatively unfamiliar concept, not to mention the selection techniques for atomizing nozzles. Therefore, it is necessary for shenzhen hanbo to introduce the purchasing techniques of atomizing nozzle.

The selection technique of atomizing nozzles is three: first, to understand the nozzle sprinkler head of the core part of the spray equipment; Second, understand the spray media; Finally understand the degree of automation of spray equipment. Here is a detailed introduction:

First of all, the consumer understanding the core technology is the shower nozzle, spray equipment abroad have landscape level nozzle and industrial-grade nozzle, into the mist effect is different, the price difference is big, the user to choose according to their own needs. The main basis for dividing the landscape nozzle and industrial nozzle is the size of the nozzle. Here to tell you a simple method to measure the diameter level: take a shower every hour how much water consumption, in general, the landscape level consumes around 5-6 litres of water nozzle and industrial-grade nozzle to about 10-12 litres of water. Different materials have different nozzle pressure and wear resistance ability, the commonly used material such as plastic, copper alloy, stainless steel, ceramic, stainless steel material is the strongest resistance to pressure, landscape level of nozzle are stainless steel material. In addition, high quality sprinkler head with secondary atomization needle.

Secondly, the water quality requirements of the spray equipment are very high, and the water treatment device is a detail that cannot be ignored. Natural water sources contain impurities in varying degrees, and even some harmful substances, if poorly handled, not only affect the normal operation of the equipment, but also cause harm to the human body. Therefore, whether there is a matching high quality water treatment equipment should also be used as an important indicator for the selection of spray equipment.

Finally, you need to see how automated the controls are. Advanced control device not only can be set in advance of program command and implement automatic switching system startup, fog shape functions such as automatic combination, also can to put into operation of equipment state monitoring, automatic control process by computer rev, stop, and according to the equipment fault signal alarm, automatic troubleshooting, so as to reduce the manual operation and maintenance.

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