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Tunnel Type Heating Humidifier
May 09, 2017

Tunnel type heating and humidifying machine is the introduction of foreign advanced technology digestion and learn widely from others'strong points basis, adapt to the development direction and the development of Chinese style cigarettes. The production capacity of the equipment is 750kg/h~2000kg/h, after treatment, the water content of the stems is increased by 3%~7%, and the discharge temperature is above 70 DEG C, and the temperature and moisture can be adjusted according to the technical requirements. In addition, the bottom of the groove of the tunnel is also provided with a plurality of evenly distributed detachable steam nozzles.

The utility model can be used to increase temperature and humidity of cigarette, tobacco, tobacco stems and stems. In order to meet the requirements of different processes, a set of water vapor mixing nozzles are arranged below the bottom plate of the throwing hopper, and the mixing nozzle is used for injecting steam and water into the cut tobacco in the process of material falling.

Under the action of the steam jet and the vibration jolt, the material is uniformly suspended in the steam, so that the moisture and the expansion effect of the material are even. The vibration frequency of the device can be adjusted, and the time for the material to stay in the tunnel can be adjusted according to the technological requirement, so that the moisture regain of the material is more uniform and the expansion effect is better.

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