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Two Factors Affecting Spray
Jan 14, 2018

The physical properties of droplets affect the flow characteristics and atomization characteristics of spray greatly, during the spray process, such as the physical properties of liquids, density, viscosity and surface tension. In theory, the flow of the nozzle through pressure changes the density of the liquid at any time. In fact, it is difficult to change the density of the liquid without the other physical and external effects of the liquid. Because the compressibility of the liquid is very small and the density changes very little, the effect of the liquid density itself on the atomization is very small in most cases. But because of the compressibility of the gas, the effect of the gas - liquid density ratio on the atomization process can not be ignored. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the relationship between the physical properties of the liquid and their influence on the atomization process.

In more cases, viscosity is the most important liquid property. Although it affects the sensitivity of the spray as the surface tension, but it reflects not only the distribution of droplet size and droplet impact in the nozzle internal flow velocity and spray pattern, increase the liquid viscosity, slow development of turbulence, jet spray or spray liquid stop round jet, the atomization droplet increase in size. The effect of liquid viscosity on the flow in the nozzle is very complex. For a low viscosity liquid, the increase of viscosity will increase the flow rate. In this case, the effect of the flow area of the nozzle on the flow velocity is very large. However, for a high viscosity liquid, the flow rate usually decreases with the increase of the viscosity of the liquid.

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