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Use Method Of Atomizing Nozzle
May 09, 2017

The application of fan nozzle

Shandong nozzle manufacturer fan nozzle liquid fan-shaped eruption, the impact force is a hollow cone and a solid cone impact force, in order to get a equal flow spread in several fan-shaped nozzle device, usually in the shape of a mountain spread spread planning.

Flow distribution, spray height, spacing device orientation, spray pressure and liquid properties and is not the same, if a plurality of nozzles function upstream of the error, the planning value will be inconsistent with the actual value, so be sure to meet the precision of nozzle to ensure a balanced traffic distribution.

Two, the use of hollow cone nozzle

The nozzle pressure, spray flow rate, spray point under the same uniform granular hollow cone nozzles is minimal, uniform particle size of the smallest, the workpiece surface area increases, and is more delicate, have great influence on the material movement of the hollow cone nozzles in the gas cooling and humidifying air, metal processing, dust control, gas cleaning and chemical reaction can occur with outstanding effect.

In the hollow cone nozzle, because the liquid is through single hole several centrifugal effect of the eruption, the largest diameter of clear, easily deposited liquid, is a good choice, it can minimize clogging phenomenon.

Three, the use of solid cone nozzle

Solid cone nozzle, there are generally two types, usually is the type of device has a built-in swirl vane, special type is no built-in rotary blade, solid cone eruption spread evenly, the droplet size is too large to spray, eruption of uniform circular area is suitable for washing, rinsing, cleaning, etching: electronic circuit board, cleaning etc..

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