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What Are The 7 Common Causes Of The Spray Problem Of The Nozzle?
Jan 14, 2018

1, corrosion and wear: the wear and tear of the material on the nozzle nozzle and the inner flow channel gradually increase or deform, which further affects the shape of the flow, pressure and spray.

2, corrosion: the chemical action of the spray or environment causes corrosion to destroy the nozzle material.

3. Blocking: the fouling or other impurities in the liquid obstruct the nozzle's mouth, thus limiting the flow of the nozzle and interfering with the shape and uniformity of the spray.

4. Adhesion:

Spattering, fog or chemical accumulation on the inner side or outer side of the nozzle edge caused by liquid evaporation can leave a dry solidification layer, and block nozzle orifice or internal flow passage.

5, temperature damage: overheating will have a certain damage effect on the nozzle material designed for non high temperature use.

6, incorrect installation: deviating from the axis of the gasket, excessive tightening or other changes in the position of the problem can have adverse effects.

7, accidental damage: in the installation and cleaning, due to the use of incorrect tools may be accidental damage.

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