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What Are The Application Fields In The Nozzle Life?
May 25, 2018

With  the development of life and the progress of the times, we all will go  to the supermarket to buy food. We found that most of the food in the  supermarket is very clean. Just like washing, buying home can be done  only with a little treatment. Dishes. Then we all know how to clean these vegetables in the supermarket? The  following HNA spray equipment manufacturers provide detailed  information on the application fields of washing nozzles in life.
First, cleaning the nozzle in the life of vegetable cleaning

After  the ordinary vegetables are washed, they become very easy to rot, so  its cleaning method is certainly not the same as the method of washing  vegetables in our daily life at home. In  fact, most of these dishes are washed with washing nozzles. Under the  high pressure in the washing nozzles, the water turns into small mists  and sprays to wash the dishes. At this time, the strong wind under high  pressure can also put the vegetables on top. Dirty things blow away.
Second, cleaning nozzle life in the application of tea cleaning

The  tea we usually buy in the store is not completely dry. It has  accumulated a lot of water in the tea. Only the tea contains moisture to  ensure the luster of the tea, and it will make customers look and want  to buy. However, if we put water directly, excessive tea storage can cause moldy tea. We  can use the cleaning nozzle to use a little moisture into the tea to  achieve the effect of not making the tea moldy and having good luster.
There  are many applications in the cleaning nozzle life, such as: precision  instrument cleaning, pavement cleaning, bottle cleaning and so on. The use of cleaning nozzles in life does bring a lot of convenience to our lives. The use of a cleaning nozzle is not only very efficient but also very effective.

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