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What Are The Atomization Methods Of Atomizing Nozzle?
Apr 27, 2018

Atomizing nozzles can be sprayed with very fine atomization spray to achieve a good spray effect. What is the atomization method and atomization principle of atomizing nozzle? What are some of the ways of atomizing nozzle atomization? Atomizing nozzle two types of atomization.

Various atomized nozzle atomization introduction.

1. Atomization of atomizing nozzle.

The atomization method of mechanical atomizer is mainly based on the high speed jet produced by the fuel under pressure difference, which can be atomized and subdivided into three types: direct injection, centrifugal and rotary atomization.

Mechanical atomizing spray nozzle atomizing way can make the liquid fuel into very small particles, uniform size liquid fog in order to increase the contact area between the liquid fuel and combustion air and mechanical atomizing can effectively promote the evaporation, which makes the fuel combustion efficiently, and the more fine atomized particles burning more fully. Therefore, it is an important way to improve production efficiency and save energy by choosing a good mechanical atomizing nozzle.

2. Spray atomization of atomized nozzle.

The atomization of atomizing nozzle can be divided into bubble atomization and pneumatic atomization according to the different atomization media.

1. Spray nozzle atomization method.

The advantages of the atomization method of bubble atomizing nozzle are that the gas consumption is low, the atomization quality is high and the atomization effect is not affected by the diameter of the outlet. Therefore, air bubble atomization is suitable for high viscosity liquid fuels such as atomized heavy and residuum. Bubble atomizing nozzle is the principle of the compressed air is injected into the liquid, and made them both in atomization nozzle mix indoor form stable bubble two-phase flow, leave the spray nozzle export dramatic changes in a very short distance, its ballooning until burst, further will be wrapped in the surrounding liquid membrane made atomization nozzle ejected liquid droplet breakage become more subtle fog particles.

2. Atomization method of pneumatic atomizing nozzle.

Pneumatic spray can be in the lower oil supply pressure to obtain the good atomization effect, you are using fuel with the high viscosity also can obtain higher atomization quality, and can be adjusted for a wide range of, the use of flexible. The principle of pneumatic atomization is to form a high velocity air flow by a certain pressure gas, which causes a high relative speed between the gas and fuel to achieve the purpose of atomization.

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