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What Is The Biggest Difference Between Cleaning And Atomization
Aug 27, 2018

What is the biggest difference between cleaning and atomization?

Industrial nozzles are mainly divided into two categories: fan nozzles and cone nozzles! The fan-shaped nozzle type can be basically used in cleaning, whether it is an integrated fan shape or a narrow wide-angle fan shape or a quick-release combination type or even a clip type, etc., can achieve a certain cleaning effect. The conical nozzle is mainly used to disperse the liquid to achieve the effect of liquid atomization, so the conical nozzles can be collectively referred to as atomizing nozzles.

Cleaning and atomization are two main categories: cleaning is mainly based on fan-shaped nozzles, and only a small number of cone nozzles are required. The advantage of the fan-shaped nozzle is that the fan-shaped spray pattern forms a straight-type striking surface, which provides the maximum striking force per unit area. The fan-shaped nozzle with the same pressure and flow rate is the most suitable cleaning application for strong impact. A small number of cone nozzles are needed, and the cone nozzle is used for cleaning. The main focus is on its wide coverage. The atomized liquid particles in the range of the impact surface can also achieve a certain flushing and spraying effect. For example: demister cleaning, grill cleaning, garbage station spraying, mechanical equipment parts washing, etc.

The atomization is mainly based on a conical nozzle: the more common point of atomization is to evenly spread the liquid, and then select the diameter of the liquid particle after atomization according to the requirements of atomization. Popular point: smoke state, drizzle state, light rain state, moderate rain state, heavy rain state, heavy rain state. It selects different atomization states according to different usage environments, so that different atomizing nozzles are selected. Whether the solid cone or the hollow cone nozzle, the above atomization state can be achieved

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