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What Is The Function Of Fan Nozzle For High-pressure Cleaning?
Feb 04, 2018

The high-pressure cleaning fan nozzle is the spray effect of the fan through high pressure to achieve the function of cleaning. High pressure cleaning fan nozzle can achieve good cleaning effect, usually made of metal material, used in various cleaning fields.

Design characteristics of fan nozzle with high pressure cleaning.

1. The jet hole is made of fine technology, which can precisely control the flow rate and have grooves on the nozzle to prevent damage.

2. The high pressure cleaning fan nozzle has the tungsten carbide insert, which provides the best wear resistance.

3, high pressure cleaning fan nozzle can produce high impact of liquid column is the feature of flow or fan-shaped spray shape, jet Angle 0 ° to 65 °. The spray nozzle of the high-pressure cleaning fan is evenly distributed and the droplets are of medium size.

4. The high-pressure cleaning fan nozzle has a special hardening stainless steel structure with longer wear resistance and flow control accuracy.

High-pressure cleaning fan nozzle spray effect to the spray shape of sector, ejecting form fan-shaped spray plane effect, fan-shaped spray, spray shape edge definition is very clear, fine processing technology of diversion plane provides uniform spray shape and high impact.

High pressure cleaning fan nozzle spray shape for a variety of angles of the fan because of the influence of the earth's gravity, there would be "edge effect", namely the spray fan section produce tapering edge uniform spray particles small, spray particle size medium in multiple nozzle arrangement, need to have 25% ~ 30% of the overlap, in order to make the whole direction of uniform configuration.

High pressure cleaning fan nozzle application.

1. High-pressure cleaning 2, chemical cleaning pretreatment 3, fire 4, ultrasonic cleaning 5, product washing.

Believe that for high pressure cleaning fan nozzle have a certain understanding, we can according to your own applications to choose appropriate own high-pressure cleaning fan nozzle, has reached the best cleaning effect.

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