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What Is The Principle Of Agricultural Fan Nozzle? Introduction Of Agricultural Sector Nozzle
Feb 04, 2018

Agricultural sector nozzle is the fan nozzle used in agriculture, usually made of plastic material. Can achieve very good use effect, and won't hurt the seedling. What about the principle of fan-shaped nozzle?

The principle of agricultural fan nozzle is introduced in detail.

Agricultural fan nozzle is made up of three special bearing torque design fan-shaped spray head, and agricultural fan nozzle automatically by hydraulic power, agricultural fan nozzle can be lower than the typical rotating nozzle pressure to automatic cleaning of small containers, agricultural fan nozzle configuration 316 ss stainless steel bearings, ensure smooth rotation.

The working principle of fan nozzle of agricultural sector is with external pipe threaded joint. Fog particles can produce viewpoint the subtle and very evenly, moderate the impact of agricultural fan nozzle has a circular orifice, big and smooth flow channel, can cut the block representation in low water direction and the direction of water into 75 - degree deflection "marginal effect" of the farm fan nozzle is very small.

The principle of agricultural fan nozzle is that there is a large and small flow path that can reduce the blockage to a minimum. Fan nozzle is the feature of can occur with a high impact narrow-angle sector shape, spray jet liquid spreading evenly, droplet intrusive medium, narrow Angle nozzle spray shape is clear to conclude that the marginal.

The principle of fan-shaped nozzle is the deflection of the deflecting plate outside the cylindrical flow impact fan nozzle, which forms a fan jet, which can form a large impact force and marginal regulation. The shape of a wide Angle fan spray with medium momentum can be produced. The spray droplets are evenly distributed and the droplets are medium.

Agricultural sector nozzle can reduce the amount of work in agriculture and reduce the complexity of work. The application of the principle of fan nozzle in agriculture can achieve good effect in agriculture. To improve production in agriculture and increase production. I believe that you have a certain understanding of the principle of fan nozzle. !

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