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What Is The Principle Of Fine Atomizing Nozzle?
Feb 04, 2018

The fine atomizing nozzles are a large class of atomizer nozzles, which can spray more fine spray than general atomizing nozzles. Good use effect. What is the principle of the fine atomizing nozzle? Why was he able to squirt out so fine a spray?

The fine atomizing nozzle does not need air assist, the system device is simple; The spray point is small, the atomization is sufficient, energy saving and water saving, low cost, good effect; Nozzle is not blocked, no leakage, internal contain internal rotation type automatic cleaning, fine stainless steel atomizing nozzle with advanced forging process, very durable, life is 2.5 times that of the same kind of atomizing nozzle.

Low voltage principle is if the liquid viscosity reducing fine spray nozzle, liquid in air atomizing nozzle and the vortex intensity increases, the tangential force and radial force becomes greater, atomization effect will be much better. In the middle of the atomization, principle of fine atomization nozzle ejected spray effect is good, the surface tension plays a main role. Surface tension decreases, and through the surface tension of liquid split more easily.

Fine spray nozzle is principle under the condition of invariable when the nozzle diameter, with the increase of flow velocity and larger, is advantageous to the liquid flow from laminar to turbulent flow and atomization, but if the viscosity increased, is not conducive to fine atomization nozzle. When the water particles are divided into tiny fog bead, is broken for more smaller water molecules, the increase of surface tension, liquid rupture. In fine atomization nozzle initial stage, the influence of viscosity, is crucial.

The principle of fine atomizing nozzle is that surface tension and viscosity play a role. In addition, the nozzle hole of the fine atomizing nozzle is relatively small and can be sprayed with very fine spray effect.

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