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What Is The Role Of The Watering Atomizing Nozzle?
Jul 28, 2018

What is the role of the watering atomizing nozzle?

There are three common types of watering atomizing nozzles: a drooping watering atomizing nozzle, an upright watering atomizing nozzle, a general new watering atomizing nozzle, and a side wall type watering atomizing nozzle.

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1. Sagging type watering atomizing nozzle

The drooping atomizing nozzle is the most widely used one of the atomizing nozzles. The drooping device is on the water supply branch pipe, and the shape of the watering is a parabolic type, and 80 to 100% of the total water amount is sprayed to the ground. It is mainly used in places that do not need decoration, such as workshops, warehouses, parking garages, kitchens, etc.

2. Upright watering atomizing nozzle

The upright type atomizing nozzle upright device is on the water supply branch pipe, the watering shape is a parabolic type, and the total water volume is sprayed down to 80-100%, and a part of the water is sprayed toward the ceiling, which is suitable for the device to move more, easy to hit. The location of the hit, such as the warehouse, can also be concealed in the roof of the ceiling of the room ceiling to maintain the top of the ceiling with more flammable materials.

3. General new watering atomizing nozzle

The general type watering atomizing nozzle can be directly installed or drooped on the water spray pipe network, spraying 40%-60% of the total water amount downward, and the larger one is sprayed to the ceiling, which is suitable for restaurants, shops, warehouses, Underground garage and other places.

4. Side wall type watering atomizing nozzle

The side wall type watering against the wall device is suitable for places where the space is difficult to pipe, and is mainly used for light risk parts of buildings such as units, halls, lounges, corridor rooms, etc.

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