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What Is The Spray Tower Atomization Nozzle Design
Aug 27, 2018

What is the spray tower atomization nozzle design?

Spray tower atomizing nozzle design mainly considers two points: coverage and nozzle anti-blocking ability! Firstly, the coverage should be considered to be between 200-300%. This requires consideration of the number of spray atomizing nozzles. It is best to achieve 150%-200% for single-layer sprays. Spraying for higher coverage. Secondly, it is necessary to select the anti-clogging effect in selecting the nozzle, and the vortex nozzle is the best in terms of anti-clogging performance, followed by the spiral nozzle, the MP nozzle and the like. However, most of them choose spiral nozzles, because the solid cone-shaped nozzle atomization state (semi-solid and semi-virtual) can achieve a good atomization effect while also taking into account certain anti-clogging capabilities.

Regarding the design of the nozzle, the number of nozzles of a single layer should be considered to achieve a sufficiently large coverage, and secondly, the staggered arrangement can be considered in the multilayer design, which can make the spray coverage better. In addition, a circumferential arrangement can be considered.

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