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When Does The Atomizing Nozzle Change?
Apr 07, 2018

It is believed that a friend who has used atomized nozzles may have a problem. How long does the atomizing nozzle need to be replaced? What happens when you need to replace it? Today, shenzhen hanbo said that the atomizing nozzle should be replaced:

Judge according to one: pump pressure.

From the water pump can judge the atomizing nozzle wear, main show is: 1, the pump pressure has increased, then atomizing nozzle blockage may have happened to internal, are generally not required at this time to replace the new atomization nozzle, only need to spray nozzle jet to clean up. 2. The pressure of the pump has decreased, which indicates that the nozzle mouth of the atomizer nozzle is likely to have serious wear, and the new atomizer nozzle needs to be replaced to solve the problem.

Judgment basis 2: nozzle appearance.

Through the appearance of atomizing nozzle, it is possible to judge whether the atomizing nozzle needs to be replaced to some extent. If the atomizing nozzle belongs to serious corrosion, serious wear or severe deformation, new atomizing nozzles need to be replaced. If the atomizing nozzle belongs to general wear, blockage, deformation, etc., the atomizing nozzle should be cleaned, and the maintenance of atomizing nozzle can be done.

Judge three: spray condition.

Perhaps the atomization nozzle's damage, wear and so on did not reach that kind of serious influence spray situation, but can not reach your requirement, at this time also need to change into a new atomizing nozzle. If the atomizing nozzle itself is worn, corroded and so on, even if it is serious, but as long as it does not affect your atomization requirements, there is no need to replace it.

Judge according to four: nozzle velocity.

This method is very simple, that is to find a manufacturer, the existing atomization nozzle and new and unused atomized nozzle for spray contrast test. This makes it easy to judge whether the atomizer you are using now needs to be replaced with a new atomizing nozzle.

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